Labuan Financial License Acquisition Support and Management Service

Bona Trust Corporation provides acquisition support and management services for Labuan Financial License.


Fund License Acquisition Support
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Fund Manager License Acquisition Support
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Money Broking License Acquisition Support
Money broking business is defined as the business of arranging transactions between a buyer and a seller in the money markets, with a broker acting as an intermediary for consideration of brokerage fees paid. However, this does not include the buying or selling of foreign currencies by the said broker as principal in such markets.

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Credit Token Business License Acquisition Support
A credit token business is defined as any business where a token, being a cheque, card, voucher, stamp, booklet, coupon, form or other document or thing is given or issued to customer by the issuer, whereby such issuer undertakes Credit Token issuance.

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Captive Insurance License Acquisition Support
Captive is an insurance company subsidiary, usually formed to insure or reinsure the risks of its parent company or associate companies, where the original insured are the principal beneficiaries. In general, a captive is an in-house insurance company with limited purposes which supplied and controlled by its owner.

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Protected Cell Company License Acquisition Support
Protected Cell Company (“PCC”) is a single legal entity comprised of a core, and a number of  “cells”. This structure creates a legal segregation of the PCC’s assets and liabilities into a number of different cells and a central core. Each cell is completely independent and separate from the other cells, as well as from the core of the company. This limits damage from litigation and financial impacts to a single cell and protects the core business.

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Company Management Business License Acquisition Support
Company management business provides treasury processing services and such other services. In line with Shariah related services, the company management can also provide Islamic advisory services and backroom processing functions. Labuan company management that provides Islamic company management services must engage a Shariah Advisory Panel to advise on its operations.

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