Labuan Company Incorporation

The flow of Labuan company incorporation is as follows:-

◇ The flow of Labuan company incorporation ◇
◇ Application for incorporation・Kindly contact us from the inquiry form.

・Kindly send passport copy scan data by email (face photo page only).

◇ Database survey・We search the criminal database and make a query for the relevant data.
◇ Entry of incorporation application form・We will provide you with the application form, so kindly fill in the form.
◇ Preparation of required documents・Kindly prepare the necessary documents.

※Please send scan data to us by e-mail together with the application form for incorporation.

◇ Payment of professional charges・Kindly pay the professional charge to our bank account.

※We will start work when payment is confirmed.

◇ Signing application documents・We will hand you various application documents, so kindly sign.

※ We prepare articles of incorporation based on your request.

◇ Courier various documents・Kindly courier the required documents and application documents to us.
◇ Application procedure for incorporation・Apply for incorporation to Labuan Authorities.
◇ Company registration completed・Company registration completed

1. Entry of incorporation application form

Generally, incorporation application form, documents are created based on the following information:-

Company name candidateKindly list up to 3 company name candidates in advance. Inquire about similar business names and make company name reservations.

In addition, mainly in English and Malay languages there is examination whether it is not a use prohibited term (It is not accepted if it is judged that it is not suitable for the company name because of social common sense. For example, words that are offensive to public order and morals correspond to prohibited words).

* Kindly be sure to put the name of “Inc.”, “Corp.”, “Limited”, “Co., Ltd.”, etc. after the company name. In addition, kindly note that capital letters and small letters are also distinguished. If you make a mistake at this stage, it will be registered with the wrong information..

※ When applying for reservation of company name, it is necessary to explain the origin of company name to Labuan Financial Authority.

Registered addressThe registered address will be the address of our company (the trust company).

※ This part will be handed over which has already been filled.

Type of corporationKindly select one of the corporate forms below according to the purpose of incorporation.

a. A company that conducts trading activities (Trading Company)

(※ Trading activities: banking, insurance, fund management, leasing, etc.)

b. A company that is not engaged in trading activities(Non Trading Company)

(* Non-Trading activities: proprietary transactions such as stocks and bonds, loans, deposits, real estate investment, etc.)

Paid up capitalAvailable from 1USD
DirectorKindly enter information such as the name, address, contact information, and nationality of the person who will assume appointed as a director.
ShareholderKindly enter information such as the name, address, contact information, and nationality of the person who will assume appointed as a shareholder.
Company SecretaryCompany’s secretarial service will undertake by a trust company (our company) that incorporation your company.

2. Preparation of required documents

Based on the information provided by clients, we will prepare application documents. In addition to the incorporation application form created in 2., kindly prepare the following documents 2. to 4. We will submit to Labuan Financial Authority with the application documents described later.

Required documents1. Application for establishment (application form) × 1
2. Certified passport copy of director / shareholder × 1 each
3. Reference Letters for Directors and Shareholders × 2 each
4. Address certificate of director / shareholder × 1 each

※ When a corporation appoint as shareholder or director, certification of company articles of incorporation, directors and shareholder information, certificates of historical matters, bank deposit details of the company for the past 3 months, passport copy certification of director, reference letter for regarding director is required.

Also, depending on case by case, you may be required to submit a final income tax return for the last 2 years or company information.

Once all the above documents are ready, kindly email us your scanned data. We will make a final confirmation if there are any omissions. If there is no problem, kindly keep it at hand until courier.

3. Payment of professional charges

We will issue an invoice, kindly make a transfer to our account.

4. Signing application documents and submission

Once the documents have arrived and payment has been confirmed, we will send you an application by email.

The articles of incorporation will be prepared by our side based on the application form for application.

Application documents1. Form 24- Consent to Act as Director *2
2. Declaration by Shareholder *2
3. Memorandum and Articles of Association *2

Once all application documents have been signed, kindly email us the scanned data. We will make a final check for missing entries. If there is no problem, kindly sign the application form sent from us and mail it to us along with the required documents. Submit to the Labuan Financial Services Authority and apply for incorporate registration.

◇ Mailing address ◇
To : Bona Trust Corporation

Unit Level 9(2) Financial Park Labuan, Jalan Merdeka,
87000 Federal Territory of Labuan, Malaysia

Tel : +6087 – 599 – 300

◇ Flow of documents ◇
Clients → Labuan Trust Company → Labuan Financial Services Agency

The following vendors are recommended for courier. Kindly email us the tracking number.


As a guide, the incorporation registration will be completed in as little as 2 business days from the registration application.

5. Company registration completed

A certificate of incorporation is issued when the registration approved by Labuan FSA.

6. About certificates

The Articles of Labuan incorporation contains several important documents, such as registration documents, issue documents, annual tax returns, and confirmation documents describing registration renewal procedures.

Information such as the following director information, shareholder information, shareholder composition ratio, capital, etc. will not be disclosed to the outside at all unless you yourself make it publicly disclosed (※ If there is a suspected crime such as money laundering etc.), the Authority may disclose information at the request of the foreign government).

Registered Documents・Memorandum and Articles of Association
・Form 7- Company Registration Certification
・Form 13- Return of Allotment of Share
・Form 23- Notice of Situation or Changes of Registered Office
・Form 25- Return on Particulars and Charges of Directors and Secretaries
・Share Certificate

Should you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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