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[Cross-Border Report] About movement between Kuala Lumpur – Labuan

Dear Valued Clients,

Good day, this is Yudai from Bona Trust Corporation.

As the title mentioned above, I will post a report on cross-border movement between Kuala Lumpur and Labuan under movement control order.


[What to prepare before traveling]

Create an application for cross-border permit.

About obtaining a cross-border permit from the Malaysian police

Perform PCR test 2 days before.

Pay in advance and walk in in about 5 minutes.

Ref: DOCTOR 2U  (There are so many clinics conducting such tests around Kuala Lumpur)

Obtain a negative PCR test [1] the day before.

Kindly print out the negative proof of the email (Results will be emailed to you on the day at the earliest).

Take [1] to the police station in your jurisdiction and get the police signature.

Bring the following documents with you when visiting the police.

1. Original passport

2. Documents that can prove the reason for traveling to Labuan (such as immigration reservation documents for obtaining workling permit)

3. Ticket reservation table (print the ticket if already checked in)

4. PCR test negative certificate

5. Passport face page copy

6. Visa page copy (only for renewal case)


7. Cross-border permit application

Kindly Note: When visiting public institutions such as the police, kindly wear long pants and long sleeves with less exposed skin. In some cases you will be asked to change clothes.

Obtain a cross-border permit ( is closed with a file in the document of 7.).

[Documents required for cross-border movement]

1. Passport

2. Negative certificate of PCR test

3. Cross-border permit (Malaysian police)

On the day, go to the airport (Terminal 1). * Because there are procedures, I recommend you go early to airport.



As soon as you enter the airport, you will be asked to confirm your cross-border permit and PCR negative certificate (Twice in total when passing through the airport entrance and restricted area).


Move inside the airport.


Currently, a cross-border permit is required for all transfers except Langkawi (Oct. 1, 2021).


Currently, only Malaysia Airlines operates between Kuala Lumpur and Labuan. AirAsia is out of service.

* For Business Class passengers: The lounge is closed.


There is currently only 1 cafe where you can eat light meals. I recommend that you bring water from your house or hotel.


Flight safely.


Flying on the South China Sea. It takes about 2 hours and 20 minutes to Labuan island.


Arrive at Labuan.


After passing the immigration, take the escalator down to the ground level.

I could not take a photo from here, but I will confirm the vaccination on the ground floor.

X: <If> 14 days after the 2nd dose vaccination, <Then> You can leave the airport as it is.

Y: <If> less than 14 days have passed since the 2nd dose vaccination, <Then> MOH (Ministry of Health) staff will arrange for an quarantine hotel. ⇒ Head to the hotel.

Z: <If> not vaccinated, <Then> Same as Y.


Please come to the front entrance on the ground level of the financial park according to the reservation date and visit time. From here, our staff will escort you to the immigration.

Kindly Note: Currently, the Labuan Immigration Department is in a difficult situation for reservation. Due to the limited number of people entering each day, you must adhere to the reserved time. Therefore, kindly visit on time.


If you arrive at the Labuan Immigration Department and are going through visa-related procedures, this is your goal.

Currently, all visa issuance payments can only be made with Mastercard. Since cash and cards issued overseas cannot be used, we will make an advance payment (if any).

Labuan -Returning to Kuala Lumpur does not require a PCR test so far, but a cross-border permit is required.

Kindly go to the Labuan police the day before you return. Bring the following documents with you when visiting the police.

1. Cross-border permit obtained in Kuala Lumpur

2. Ticket reservation table (print the ticket if checked in)

Obtain a cross-border permit

Kindly Note: Currently, there are cases where visa issuance is not completed in 2 business days, and there are some cases where the return ticket must be redeemed. If possible, I recommend purchasing a ticket that allows you to change the date.



For all new clients who have signed a agreement for a business property in Labuan, we have completed the installation of signboards.


That’s all, I hope it will be helpful when you travel.

Thank you.

About obtaining a cross-border permit from the Malaysian police

Dear valued Clients,

To the client who has already obtained approval letter for new Work Permit acquisition or renewal, and will share information with whom waiting in West Malaysia planning to travel to Labuan for visa related purpuse.

Currently, in Malaysia, it is obligatory to obtain a cross-border permit from the police before movement between states. In this post, we will explain how to obtain a cross-border permit from Malaysian police.


The following information is required to obtain a cross-border permit.

1. Details of the applicant

1. Name
2. Malaysia National ID (if Malaysian)
3. Nationality
4. Passport No.
5. Residential Address
6. Phone No.
7. Email Address
8. Transportation
9. Number of Passengers
10. Departure Date
11. Return Date (Leave blanked)
12. Destination

2. Purpose of Apply

Describe other information such as visa acquisition, companions, etc.

Kindly download the form from [Sample] Surat-PKP – EN and fill it out (both MCO and EMCO can apply in the MCO form).

We have prepared a completed image, so please download it from [Draft] Surat-PKP EN and refer to it as well.

* Sample draft image is as follows: –

Malayssia Police Certificate draft image


[What to bring when visiting the police Station]

・ Application form * 2 copies (completed and signed documents)
・ Accommodation hotel reservation email * 1 copy (or booking slip)
・ Air ticket * 1 copy (or booking slip)
・ Approval letter from Labuan FSA * 1 copy
・ Appointment letter from Labuan Immigration * 1 copy
・ Passport copy (face photo page) * 1 copy
・ Visa page * 1 copy (Please print out the appointment letter from Labuan immingration and bring it if it is not obtained yet) * 1 copy
・ Original passport
・ Blank application form (as a backup in case of an entry error) * 2 copies
・ Spouse or dependents passport copy (face photo page) * 1 copy (When accompanying to Labuan)

Note 1 : Applications cannot be issued on the same day, so kindly apply by the day before the scheduled move date at the latest.

Note 2 :  When moving, kindly take a PCR test and obtain a negative certificate at least 3 days before your departure.

* Unless deregulation is announced, these provisions are expected to continue until the movement control order is lifted.


Thank you.
Support Desk

Launch notice of Support Service for Company Management Business License

Dear Valued Clients,

This is Bona Trust support team. Thank you for your continued support, we Bona Trust would like to thank you all for your warmly support.

As the title mentioned above, we will launch a support service for Company Management Business License acquisition from today.

Company management business provides treasury processing services and such other services as maybe permitted by Labuan Financial Services Authority (Labuan FSA).

In line with Shariah related services, the company management can also provide Islamic advisory services and backroom processing functions. Labuan company management that provides Islamic company management services must engage a Shariah Advisory Panel to advise on its operations.

Kindly refer to the link below for details,
Thank you.
Support team

* From the viewpoint of maintenance costs, this service is intended for client companies with pre-tax profit of approximately USD 500,000 / year or more as the main customer target.

Labuan Company Management Business License

About Labuan Business Activity Tax (Requirements For Labuan Business Activity) Regulations 2018 (Amendment) Regulations 2020

Dear Valued Clients,

Good day, this is Bona Trust support team.

Based on the latest P.U.A (375) dated 24 December, 2020 on Labuan Business Activity Tax (Requirements for Labuan Business Activity) Regulations 2018 (Amendment) Regulations 2020 (“the Amendment Regulations”), other trading activities under Code 23 of List of Codes and Types of Business Activity are not listed as part of the Amendment Regulations.

As such, Labuan Entity carrying other trading activities will not be deemed as Labuan Business Activity and will be subjected to tax under Income Tax Act 1967 (ITA) for year of assessment 2021 irrespective whether they comply with the Economic Substance Requirements or not.

However, the Association of Labuan Trust Companies together with the Labuan Corporation, the municipal government have sent an appeal to Ministry of Finance (“MoF”) to re-instate the business of general trading, provision of services and other non-listed activities to be taxed under Labuan Business Activity Tax Act 1990 (LBATA).

As of now, we are yet to receive any updates on the appeal submitted to MoF therefore, a Labuan Entity conducting other trading activities are not listed in the Amendment Regulations will remain status quo at this present moment. We will continue to update you when information becomes available.

While waiting on the appeal status, please do not hesitate to contact us if you wish to explore other alternative solutions; or if your Labuan Entity is carrying out any of the 22 types of business activity listed under the Amendment Regulations and you require assistance or guidance to meet the requirements.

Thank you.

Best Regards,
Support Team

* P.U.A is gazetted order. PU order is a piece of subsidiary legislation that has passed through parliament and has the force of law. PU stands for “Pemberitahu Undangan” or “Legal Notification”.

New Year’s holiday schedule 2020/2021

Dear Valued Clients,

Thank you for your continued business.

Our New Year’s holiday schedule 2020/2021 are as follows:-

Dec. 26, 2020Dec. 27, 2020Dec. 28, 2020Dec. 29, 2020Dec. 30, 2020Dec. 31, 2020Jan. 1, 2021Jan. 2, 2021Jan. 3, 2021Jan. 4, 2021Jan. 5, 2021








[Requests from existing clients]

For clients who have already used our service and have received payment confirmation, we will respond until the last business day of the year 2019. December 30 (Wednesday) is the last business day for banking and administrative relations, and the beginning of the year 2021 is informed that it will start business from January 4 (Monday).

[Requests from new clients]

Inquiries from new clients will be handled sequentially, but in order to respond to existing customers with priority, it may take some time to reply.

In addition, the case that needs to be processed by the end of this year 2020 was held on Dec. 15 (Tuesday), and new applications were suspended. You can consult with us and accept new requests, but kindly note that in principle it will be handled after next year 2021.


For clients who contact us via the inquiry form on the website during the year-end and New Year holidays, we will respond to you as soon as the new year’s business resumes.

December is already entered in mid-term, and this year is about to end. This year 2020 was a year with so many accidents and events due to the influence of the coronavirus (COVID-19) that has involved the world since the New Year.

Thank you for your understanding and continued warm support in 2021.

Best Regards,
Support Team

Important notice regarding change of work permit obtain and renewal rules

Dear Valued Clients,

We will inform all clients from Bona Trust support team.
Currently, the Labuan Immigration has made the following visa-related rule changes: –

1. Currently, the Immigration does not accept translations from third parties, only ITMB translations.

The ITBM translation service is available from the following sites.

2. The translated educational certificate and family register must be certified by the Embassy of the country in which you have nationality.

Clients who are currently receiving new work permit applications and renewal approval notices from us should bring your educational certificate and the original copy of your family register to the Embassy of the country in which you have nationality.

∟ 2-1. Certificate of Education
Must be the original English certificate from the school seal stamped on it. The embassy will certify.

∟ 2-2. Family register original copy (For Dependent Pass)
The English translation of the family register must be the original and the English-translated documents requested by ITMB. The embassy will certify.

3. The passport-sized ID photo used for the visa sticker must have a blue background (currently, white background photos are not available).

Previously, visa stickers were only valid for photos with a white background, but now only those with a blue background are valid.


If you do not meet the above document requirements, you will not be able to renew or obtain work permit, so kindly prepare in advance before you visit Labuan.

Thank you.
Support Team

To the clients who goes to Labuan during the RMCO period

Dear Valued Clients,

Today, Federal Malaysia has relaxed the MCO (Movement Restriction) from June 10, is currently implementing the RMCO (Recovery Movement Control Order).

As a result, you are allowed to move across states and federal territories, but is required to be quarantined for 2 weeks at your destination home or hotel.

[Ex: When traveling from Kuala Lumpur to Labuan]

1. Arrived at Labuan Airport

2. Download MySejahtera Apps to your phone

3. Perform PCR test, and quarantined at home or hotel until the result is judged (about 6-7 days)

〇 If Negative

Then, release quarantine measures (The staff will go to the hotel to collect the PCR application documents, so kindly hand over them. After that, the Ministry of Health permits the exemption of Quarantine, then you can go out)

✖ If Positive

If subjective symptom, then to hospital
If no subjective symptom, then to 2 weeks quarantine


【Original (Bahasa Melayu)】


Those who have been judged as negative will be released from the obligation to quarantine and will be able to obtain or renew your Labuan Work Permit. However, once you return to Kuala Lumpur (or West Malaysia), you will be subject to 2 weeks quarantine obligation again.

*If you violate it, you will be subject to a fine of RM1,000 or a lawsuit, so kndly be careful in your actions.

For details, please refer to “Regulations based on the Infectious Disease Prevention and Control Act” published by the Ministry of Health, Malaysia (Written in Bahasa Melayu).


[When traveling from overseas to Malaysia]

Clients currently staying outside Malaysia are required to enter the Federal Malaysia through the following procedure: –

For details, please refer to the website below and contact the relevant authorities in your country of staying.

Thank you.

Best Regards,
Support Team

[Very Important Notice] To the clients whose Labuan Work Permit have expired during the MCO period

Dear Valued Clients,

The Malaysian Immigration Bureau has announced some procedures for restarting some services after May 4, overstay before and after the Movement Control Order (MCO), and procedures for expiring residence permit (announced on May 2 * last updated on May 6).

The main points are as follows: –

1. Overstay between January 1, 2020 and 14 business days after the end of the MCO:

-> If you have return flight ticket to your home country, you will not need to be listed on the blacklist or charged a fine, and you will need to extend your stay for a special pass. You can leave Malaysia without applying for a pass to apply if it occurs. If you do not leave within 14 business days after the end of the MCO, you need to consult with the embassy of your country concerned and obtain documents proving the justification for not being able to leave the country. If that is not possible, legal action will be taken and blacklisted.

2. If the residence permit (pass) expires after February 1, 2020:

-> You can apply for a residence permit at each immigration office within 30 days after the end of the MCO period.

* Kindly Note : If you are currently stay in Malaysia and your Work Permit or Dependent Pass has expired during the MCO period, please visit Labuan Immigration Bureau within 30 days counted after MCO to apply for your Visa.

Currently, all flights between Kuala Lumpur and Labuan are out of service. It is expected to resume in mid-May, but if you cannot visit Labuan within 30 days for this physical reason, Bona Trust Corporation will issue a letter stating the reason and proceed with the procedure.


Thank you.

Support Team

Click to access 100052227.pdf

[Important Notice] To clients who are due to renew Labuan work permit during MCO

Dear valued Clients,

As we all know, the Federal Malaysia has been lockdown on March 18 at AM0:00 and Movement Restriction Order (MCO) has been enforced.

The MCO was expected to end by April 14, however the deadline was extended by another 2 weeks, and the regulation will be applied until April 28.


Special Pass MCO

Now, there are a few clients whose work permit have expired in the MCO, and we investigated the measures.

At this time, there is no instruction from the Labuan Immigration Department regarding practical procedures, but the Malaysian Immigration Department’s view is as follows.

In view of current situation, all foreigners in Malaysia whose pass has expired During this period only may leave malaysia without any special pass provided they possess a valid passport.

The following are Frequently asked questions and answers from Malaysian Immigration Bureau officially, kindly refer to it: –

Kindly Note: The following contents are information for expatriates. If you have any questions regarding Labuan Work Permit or Dependent Pass, please contact your Company Secretary Service Provider (Labuan trust company).

Click to access EP_PVP.pdf

All applicable clients will be dealt with case by case in consultation with Labuan Immigration Department.

Kindly Stay at home and Stay safe, thank you.

Best Regards,
Support Team