[Cross-Border Report] About movement between Kuala Lumpur – Labuan

[Cross-Border Report] About movement between Kuala Lumpur – Labuan

Dear Valued Clients,

Good day, this is Yudai from Bona Trust Corporation.

As the title mentioned above, I will post a report on cross-border movement between Kuala Lumpur and Labuan under movement control order.


[What to prepare before traveling]

Create an application for cross-border permit.

About obtaining a cross-border permit from the Malaysian police

Perform PCR test 2 days before.

Pay in advance and walk in in about 5 minutes.

Ref: DOCTOR 2U  (There are so many clinics conducting such tests around Kuala Lumpur)

Obtain a negative PCR test [1] the day before.

Kindly print out the negative proof of the email (Results will be emailed to you on the day at the earliest).

Take [1] to the police station in your jurisdiction and get the police signature.

Bring the following documents with you when visiting the police.

1. Original passport

2. Documents that can prove the reason for traveling to Labuan (such as immigration reservation documents for obtaining workling permit)

3. Ticket reservation table (print the ticket if already checked in)

4. PCR test negative certificate

5. Passport face page copy

6. Visa page copy (only for renewal case)


7. Cross-border permit application

Kindly Note: When visiting public institutions such as the police, kindly wear long pants and long sleeves with less exposed skin. In some cases you will be asked to change clothes.

Obtain a cross-border permit ( is closed with a file in the document of 7.).

[Documents required for cross-border movement]

1. Passport

2. Negative certificate of PCR test

3. Cross-border permit (Malaysian police)

On the day, go to the airport (Terminal 1). * Because there are procedures, I recommend you go early to airport.



As soon as you enter the airport, you will be asked to confirm your cross-border permit and PCR negative certificate (Twice in total when passing through the airport entrance and restricted area).


Move inside the airport.


Currently, a cross-border permit is required for all transfers except Langkawi (Oct. 1, 2021).


Currently, only Malaysia Airlines operates between Kuala Lumpur and Labuan. AirAsia is out of service.

* For Business Class passengers: The lounge is closed.


There is currently only 1 cafe where you can eat light meals. I recommend that you bring water from your house or hotel.


Flight safely.


Flying on the South China Sea. It takes about 2 hours and 20 minutes to Labuan island.


Arrive at Labuan.


After passing the immigration, take the escalator down to the ground level.

I could not take a photo from here, but I will confirm the vaccination on the ground floor.

X: <If> 14 days after the 2nd dose vaccination, <Then> You can leave the airport as it is.

Y: <If> less than 14 days have passed since the 2nd dose vaccination, <Then> MOH (Ministry of Health) staff will arrange for an quarantine hotel. ⇒ Head to the hotel.

Z: <If> not vaccinated, <Then> Same as Y.


Please come to the front entrance on the ground level of the financial park according to the reservation date and visit time. From here, our staff will escort you to the immigration.

Kindly Note: Currently, the Labuan Immigration Department is in a difficult situation for reservation. Due to the limited number of people entering each day, you must adhere to the reserved time. Therefore, kindly visit on time.


If you arrive at the Labuan Immigration Department and are going through visa-related procedures, this is your goal.

Currently, all visa issuance payments can only be made with Mastercard. Since cash and cards issued overseas cannot be used, we will make an advance payment (if any).

Labuan -Returning to Kuala Lumpur does not require a PCR test so far, but a cross-border permit is required.

Kindly go to the Labuan police the day before you return. Bring the following documents with you when visiting the police.

1. Cross-border permit obtained in Kuala Lumpur

2. Ticket reservation table (print the ticket if checked in)

Obtain a cross-border permit

Kindly Note: Currently, there are cases where visa issuance is not completed in 2 business days, and there are some cases where the return ticket must be redeemed. If possible, I recommend purchasing a ticket that allows you to change the date.



For all new clients who have signed a agreement for a business property in Labuan, we have completed the installation of signboards.


That’s all, I hope it will be helpful when you travel.

Thank you.