About obtaining a cross-border permit from the Malaysian police

About obtaining a cross-border permit from the Malaysian police

Dear valued Clients,

To the client who has already obtained approval letter for new Work Permit acquisition or renewal, and will share information with whom waiting in West Malaysia planning to travel to Labuan for visa related purpuse.

Currently, in Malaysia, it is obligatory to obtain a cross-border permit from the police before movement between states. In this post, we will explain how to obtain a cross-border permit from Malaysian police.


The following information is required to obtain a cross-border permit.

1. Details of the applicant

1. Name
2. Malaysia National ID (if Malaysian)
3. Nationality
4. Passport No.
5. Residential Address
6. Phone No.
7. Email Address
8. Transportation
9. Number of Passengers
10. Departure Date
11. Return Date (Leave blanked)
12. Destination

2. Purpose of Apply

Describe other information such as visa acquisition, companions, etc.

Kindly download the form from [Sample] Surat-PKP – EN and fill it out (both MCO and EMCO can apply in the MCO form).

We have prepared a completed image, so please download it from [Draft] Surat-PKP EN and refer to it as well.

* Sample draft image is as follows: –

Malayssia Police Certificate draft image


[What to bring when visiting the police Station]

・ Application form * 2 copies (completed and signed documents)
・ Accommodation hotel reservation email * 1 copy (or booking slip)
・ Air ticket * 1 copy (or booking slip)
・ Approval letter from Labuan FSA * 1 copy
・ Appointment letter from Labuan Immigration * 1 copy
・ Passport copy (face photo page) * 1 copy
・ Visa page * 1 copy (Please print out the appointment letter from Labuan immingration and bring it if it is not obtained yet) * 1 copy
・ Original passport
・ Blank application form (as a backup in case of an entry error) * 2 copies
・ Spouse or dependents passport copy (face photo page) * 1 copy (When accompanying to Labuan)

Note 1 : Applications cannot be issued on the same day, so kindly apply by the day before the scheduled move date at the latest.

Note 2 :  When moving, kindly take a PCR test and obtain a negative certificate at least 3 days before your departure.

* Unless deregulation is announced, these provisions are expected to continue until the movement control order is lifted.


Thank you.
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